Flower Painting Insights with Michael Klein

Flower Painting Insights with Michael Klein

Michael has established himself as a leading figure in contemporary floral painting. His paintings evoke a sensibility akin to the turn of the century in the early 1900’s where two worlds were colliding. Academic art meeting with the impressionists, this period of art was the most influential on Michael while developing his masterful technique. Klein demonstrates his insights during a video recorded over a three day period packed into a solid hour of insight. All of the essentials to his technique are revealed in this highly anticipated instructional video.

This instructional video demonstrates the building blocks of working optically at the outset of the painting to the conceiving of final brushstrokes, through feeling the form conceptually as opposed to attempting to copy value adjustments.

The 75 minute video will include:

-The block-in
-Building texture through understanding brushwork
-The glazing and finishing refinements to form and drawing

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Flower Painting Insights with Michael Klein

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