Klein Two Video Bundle

Klein Two Video Bundle

This is an excellent opportunity to be immersed in the technique of Michael Klein. With over 6 hours of footage you will learn what the artist offers in his popular workshops for a quarter of the price!

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Klein Two Video Bundle

2 Videos

  • The Naturalist Still Life, Complete Video

    The Naturalist Still Life documents the creation of a new painting, "Suspended" is about organic forms being held in a timeless state of existence. Knowing all things perish, we see quiet reminders of the delicacy of life in this unique work of art. Watch a contemporary master guide you step by ...

  • Flower Painting Insights, with Michael Klein.

    Michael has established himself as a leading figure in contemporary floral painting. His paintings evoke a sensibility akin to the turn of the century in the early 1900’s where two worlds were colliding. Academic art meeting with the impressionists, this period of art was the most influential on ...

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